It is with deep sadness that we report the death of the Communist
writer and historian, Ernie Trory
Ernie Trory was born in Fulham, London but moved to Brighton at the
age of seven for health reasons. He was educated at Brighton Grammar School
and at Ardingly College. He left school at the age of fifteen.
In 1931, at the age of eighteen, he joined the Communist Party and
joined the Hunger Marchers in 1932. In 1936 he visited Moscow and became the Sussex Communist Party
District Organiser from 1938-40. Ernie Trory was called up by the forces in 1940 but was mysteriously
discharged in May 1941 with no reason given! He was sent to work under the
Direction of Labour Act in Southern Railway Road Maintenance Dept where he joined
the National Union of Railwaymen and wrote many articles for the union
paper Railway Review. He later went to Caffyn's Garage in Haywards Heath
rebuilding army lorries and joined the Amalgamated Engineering Union
(AEU) where he became Shop Steward.
After the war Ernie Trory founded his publishing company Crabtree
Press through which he has published all his political works. He returned to
engineering near retirement and still attends union branch meetings. In 1977 he
became a founder member of the New Communist Party. He occasionally wrote
for the New Worker and contributed regularly to the Northstar Compass.
Ernie Trory's hobbies have included winter swimming and weight
training. He still holds four British Powerlifting Records in the over-70s

New Worker
Thursday September 28th, 2000