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Arabs hit back as Israelis march on Rafah

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

Nakba Day. The day Arabs remember the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the Zionist gangs that began in 1948. Nearly a million Palestinian Arabs were driven out of their homes in the war that began on 15th May 1948 following the end of British colonial rule and the proclamation of the State of Israel. And this week Arab leaders gathered in Bahrain for a summit dominated by the current Israeli onslaught on Gaza while Palestinian guerrillas strike back with a vengeance in northern Gaza hitting Israeli patrols in deadly rocket attacks and ambushes. The Israelis are using stalling tactics at cease-fire talks in Cairo to prolong the fighting. The Lebanese resistance is stepping up its daily barrage of rocket and missiles in northern Israel. Israeli firefighting teams are battling to dowse the flames that have swept through the Tel Hashomer military base near Tel Aviv. And hundreds of thousands of Palestinians flee from Rafah as the Israelis advance on the biggest Arab city in the south of the Gaza Strip.

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Culture and Class Struggle

by New Worker correspondent

Liverpool has often been at the sharp end of the class struggle. In 1911 it was the scene of violent general strike involving the city’s transport workers. In 1919 it had a police strike that was so effective the police were banned from striking. In the 1990s it was the scene of the last major dock strike in Britain. Today it is the city’s museum workers who are at the forefront of the city’s class struggle.

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The old remember…

…the young people wait. The 15th May is Nakba Day. On that day in 1948 the first ArabIsraeli war began. It has never ended. But the tragedy of the Palestinian Arabs began when British imperialism first occupied their land in 1918 and encouraged Zionist immigration through the Balfour doctrine. British imperialism sought to create a community of Zionist settlers that would prolong their occupation of Palestine indefinitely. The Zionists helped British colonialism crush the Palestine Revolt in 1936. But following the defeat of the Axis in 1945 the Zionists seized the opportunity to push for a separate state of their own. In 1948 the British colonial mandate ended and the State of Israel was proclaimed.

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