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Gaza: Stop the War Lift the Siege!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

The guns remain silent in the Gaza Strip as diplomatic efforts to prolong the Gaza cease-fire beyond the prisoner exchange continue in the Gulf state of Qatar. A total of 69 Israeli hostages have been freed by Hamas, and Israel has handed over 150 Palestinian prisoners in return. Some humanitarian aid has been arriving in Gaza via Egypt as part of the ceasefire deal. But despite growing international pressure to end the carnage the Israelis say they will resume their offensive as soon as the exchange is over.

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Uncharitable Charities

by New Worker correspondent

Around 500 low-paid workers across the UK who are employed by a wealthy organisation with £44.6 million in reserves and which had an income of £373 million last year, are taking industrial action for the first time in the organisation’s history.

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The road to Brussels

The Remainers are on the march. The newly ennobled Lord Cameron is back in the saddle as No 3 in the Sunak government and while his first overseas visits were predictably to Ukraine and Israel, his major task is to rebuild economic and diplomatic bridges with the European Union.

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The COVID enquiry

The nonsense about ‘herd immunity”; the callous and incompetent response to the pandemic that led to many avoidable deaths amongst the frail and the elderly, and the indifference of a Prime Minister who most of the time seemingly let Dominic Cummings, his Rasputin-like aide, steer the ship of state. It’s all coming out in the COVID inquiry. None of this should surprise us. Johnson’s despicable conduct, and that of his henchmen, showed how totally unfit all of them were for high office..

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