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Week commencing 20th September 2002

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No War on Iraq!

Reject the Use of Force! Defend the Rights of All!

Joint Call of NCP and RCPB(ML), September 28, 2002

Our two parties join with all workers, and peace-loving people of Britain and throughout the world in demanding No War on Iraq! There can be no justification for such a war, despite all the best efforts of Blair and Bush to provide one. Tony Blair and George W Bush have absolutely no mandate for war, aggression and state terrorism.

Anglo-American imperialism seems hell-bent on the course of aggression, occupation and annexation. US imperialism and the British government are pursuing a course of hypocrisy and double standards.

While painting the Iraqi regime in demonic colours for what it might possibly do in the future, the official circles and their media are portraying the Israeli leadership as people of peace while in front of the eyes of the world the Israeli state is committing genocide against the heroic Palestinian people. The cause of the Palestinian people is just! Disinformation about Iraq, the Middle East and the problems of society must be rejected!

Anglo-American imperialism, besides coveting the oil resources of the Middle East and Central Asia, is seeking to dominate these regions for strategic and geo-political reasons. NATO is expanding eastwards, the US and Britain are consolidating their foothold in Asia. The strategic and profit driven imperatives of the "New World Order" for global domination and the imposition of "civilised values" are shaping Anglo-American aggression and inteference.

There would be no justice in attacking Iraq. Nor would it solve the problem of terror and inhumanity in the world. The opposite is the case. The use of force and the trampling of the rights of the people are characteristic of those in power who are now preparing the grounds for such an attack. It is Anglo-US imperialism which is in complete disregard of the rule of law. War against Iraq would kill and maim thousands of people. It would also incalculably increase the danger of a new war of world proportions.

Workers and progressive people have the power to make a difference. War can and must be stopped. Mass actions must be stepped up coupled with broad discussion within the whole anti-war movement on the way forward. More people are taking to the streets. People are speaking out from political parties across the spectrum, as well as peace-loving people who are taking a political stand in their own right.

Just and peaceful solutions are possible, and this alternative is what the people’s forces are fighting for, relying on their own strength and consolidating their own forces. The power to make a difference comes from fighting for an agenda which is the people’s own, based on the programme of the working class to lead society out of the crisis to a better tomorrow, to a socialist future, where the people control their own destiny.

The New Communist Party of Britain and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) call on the working class to take the lead in adopting a stand of principle. We call on workers to take a stand in defence of the rights of all, condemn injustice and defend the sovereignty of nations.

No War on Iraq! Freedom for the Palestinian People!

Reject the Use of Force! Defend the Rights of All!

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