... by Ernie Trory

Chapter Thirteen - NATO and the Warsaw Pact

Warsaw Pact troops

ON THE 23RD OCTOBER 1954, Adenauer and his imperialist masters agreed to the incorporation of the Federal Republic of Germany in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, with the aim of restoring German militarism and setting up a regular army of 500,000 men. This act was directed against the restoration of German unity and against security and peace. It finalised the division of Germany and transformed the Federal Republic into a centre for the cold war.

In face of this new threat to the peace of Europe, the socialist countries met in Warsaw on the 14th May 1955 and signed a Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance. In order to safeguard the gains of socialism and to defend the frontiers set up under the Potsdam agreement, they brought the whole of their combined armed forces under one united command.

In the months and years that followed, the Bonn government systematically attacked the GDR with measures ranging from economic boycott, through espionage and criminal sabotage, to preparations for military intervention. In August 1956, the Communist Party of Germany was banned by the highest court in the Federal Republic after a legal trial lasting nearly two years; and in the autumn of 1960, all trade agreements with the GDR were abandoned. By 1961, it was believed that the time had come for a further attempt to bring down the government of the German Democratic Republic.

Saboteurs equipment
Captured equipment and propaganda smuggled across the border

American spy tunnel
American tunnel under East Berlin to tap the telephone system

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