Gold hammer and sickle

New Communist Party of Britain

Joint statement of the European Communist and Workers Parties

Saluting the struggles of the class-oriented movement taking place in many European countries.

Denouncing the imperialist aggression against Libya.

THE COMMUNIST and workers parties that participated in the European Communist Meeting in Brussels on 11th and 12th April, exchanged their views on the ongoing deep crisis of the capitalist system and denounced the imperialist aggression against Libya.

This war, in the conditions of the capitalist crisis, is a continuation of the barbaric assault that capital has unleashed at the expense of the working class and the popular strata of our countries through savage anti-people measures. The imperialist intervention of the United States , Nato, and the European Union in Libya is yet another crime of the imperialists at the expense of the peoples. The false pretexts that the imperialists use cannot conceal the truth that the inter-imperialist competition for the control of natural resources in Africa, the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caspian is intensifying.

We demand the cessation of the imperialist war, that the bases be closed and every kind of assistance for the implementation of the imperialist plans be stopped. Also in the case of Libya we consider that the people must have the right to choose their path of development on their own, without foreign interventions.

At the same time, in the name of “competitiveness” with other imperialist powers, the bourgeois class of the countries of Europe generalise the anti-worker measures. They reduce wages and pensions in the name of the crisis in order to ensure the profitability of capital.

In many countries savage reductions of labour and trade union rights are being promoted, unemployment is on the rise, the right to strike and other trade union freedoms are being undermined, xenophobia is strengthening, while the poor farmers are being wiped out in favour of the big farmers and monopoly groups. The historical limits of capitalism are being demonstrated objectively, as it cannot solve the basic problems of the peoples.

The bourgeois class is very well aware of the fact that the main enemies of their strategy, the main opponents of the capitalist system are the communist and workers’ parties. For that reason in many countries they intensify their anti-communist threats, persecutions and bans.

However there is only one way for the peoples. Only through the struggles of the workers for the working class people’s problems, for the political power of the working class, can we pave the way for social progress, for socialism.

The communist and workers’ parties of Europe are against the membership of new countries in Nato, struggle for the withdrawal of their countries from Nato — having as a goal the dismantlement of Nato.

We salute the massive struggles of the class-oriented movement that are taking place in many European countries. The peoples are benefited by the growth of the current that challenges the anti-people political line, the imperialist organisations, and the capitalist path of development itself.

The communist and workers’ parties that participated in the meeting decided to further intensify their activity and coordination.

The parties: