Gold hammer and sickle

New Communist Party of Britain

Joint Appeal of Communist & Workers' Parties of Europe - No to the New Anti-Cuba Manoeuvres of the EU

We, the undersigned parties, vehemently condemn the intensification of the anti-Cuba campaign being carried out by the EU, especially its intent to pass a “mid-term and long-term strategy on Cuba” at the next summit of the European Council.

With this document, the EU aligns itself completely with the policies and plans of the U.S.A. for a strike against the Cuban revolution, in complete contradiction with the powerful sentiments of friendship and solidarity for Cuba, held by the people of Europe.

For the first time ever, the EU will publicly reveal a joint strategy against another country of the world. It is assuming an active role in the imperialist, anti-Cuba campaign, in complete accord with the so-called “Bush Plan” and is striving to actively enlist the EU member countries in the interventionist plans against Cuba.

It intensifies the regime of outrageous discriminatory practices, pressures and intervention that was launched in 1996 with the so-called “common position”. This development constitutes yet another dangerous step towards convergence with the policies of the U.S.A. It reaffirms the hostile stance of the EU towards the ideas of national independence and sovereignty.

It is particularly objectionable that this new anti-Cuba campaign, under the pretext of supporting “human rights” and “democracy”, is being primarily instigated by champion anti-communist, anti-democratic governments who promote the most reactionary anti-people measures in their own countries: those of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, and others.

The EU has neither the right nor the moral stature to impose terms on Cuba in regards to its relations with other countries.

We demand that our governments reject the “mid-term and long-term strategy on Cuba” in the European Council.

We demand the abolition of the “common position” and the development of relations with Cuba based on equality and the principles of international justice.

We call upon the working people, the youth, women and the peoples’ movements, as well as, every progressive and democratic-thinking person in Europe to express their opposition to these anti-Cuba maneuvers.

To reject and refute the reactionary propagandistic campaign, to isolate the political forces that support it.

To defend the right of the peoples to resist and determine their own fate.

To strengthen their solidarity with socialist Cuba and her people.

The Parties

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Workers' Party of Belgium
  3. Communist Party of Britain
  4. New Communist Party of Britain
  5. Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
  6. AKEL-Cyprus
  7. Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Communist Party of finland
  10. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  11. German Communist Party
  12. Communist Party of Greece
  13. Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
  14. Communist Party of Ireland
  15. Workers’ Party of Ireland
  16. Party of the Italian Communists
  17. Socialist Party of Latvia
  18. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  19. Communist Party of Malta
  20. Communist Party of Macedonia
  21. Communist Party of Norway
  22. Communist Party of Poland
  23. Portuguese Communist Party
  24. Romanian Communist Party
  25. Socialist Alliance Party, Romania
  26. Communist Party of Russian Federation Communist Workers Party of Russia - Party of Communists of Russia
  27. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  28. Communist Party of Slovakia
  29. Communist Party of Peoples of Spain
  30. Communist Party of Spain
  31. Communist Party of Sweden
  32. Communist Party of Turkey
  33. Labour Party of Turkey (EMEP)
  34. South African Communist Party

Monday, April 02, 2007