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New Communist Party of Britain

Appeal by communist and workers' parties of the EU - Let the people decide! We say NO to the new EU Treaty.

The European Union is on the way to become a political, economic and military "Great Power". The leading politicians of the EU, who are not representing the people but rather the interests of the great industry, of the banks and of imperialism, have taken the necessary decisions for this development.

The so called "Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe", that was meant to speed up this strategy, has collapsed due to the vote of the people in France and in the Netherlands as well as due to the broad resistance of the people in the EU countries. The ruling forces are now aiming to adopt a so-called "reform treaty" or "EU Treaty", aimed to implement and to force a policy of social destruction and of militarisation in a more reactionary direction and on conventional basis, against the interests of the people. The military policy of the EU goes in direct concurrency with the aggressive policy of the USA and is at the same time deepening the dependence on the US policy.

With the aim of depriving the peoples of their vested right to directly decide, the new text will be called "EU Treaty" instead of "Constitution". This treaty shall be discussed and adopted by an Intergovernmental Conference behind closed doors.

The undersigned communist and workers parties of EU countries say NO to such new Treaty as well as to the method of its adoption behind the people’s back. All people — be they workers, peasants, employees, unemployed, homeless, pupils or students — must have the same right to decide as the politicians, no matter whether in the national legislation of their countries the possibility for a referendum is given or not.

We demand the total disclosure of the entire content of the "EU Treaty" including all supplementary previsions.

We demand to put the "EU Treaty" for decision by the peoples of all EU countries.

We call upon the citizens in all EU countries:

Say NO to the organised social destruction and to the further militarization of the EU!

Say NO to the new "EU Treaty"!


Communist Party of Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles

Communist Party of Flanders

Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB)


Communist Party of Britain

New Communist Party of Britain


Communist Party of Bulgaria

Party of the Bulgarian Communists (former Bulgarian CP G. Dimitrov)


The Progressive Party of the Working People-AKEL (Cyprus)

Czech Republic

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia


Communist Party in Denmark

Communist Party of Denmark


Communist Party of finland


German Communist Party (DKP)


Communist Party of Greece (KKE)


Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party


Communist Party of Ireland

The Workers’ Party of Ireland


Socialist Party of Latvia


Socialist Party of Lithuania


Communist Party of Luxembourg (KPL)


New Communist Party of the Netherlands


Socialist Alliance Party Romania


Communist Party of Peoples of Spain


Communist Party of Sweden

Tuesday, July 24, 2007