Gold hammer and sickle

New Communist Party of Britain

Appeal by Communist And Workers' Parties In Solidarity With The Palestinian People of Gaza And The West Bank

The crimes that have been committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank are a disgrace to humanity.

During the last few days, from the beginning of this aggressive war against Gaza, tens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded have fallen, most of them children and women.

Israel is using internationally forbidden weapons in this war. It is also still seizing Palestinian land, building new settlements, sweeping away trees and plants, erecting the segregating wall and challenging legitimate international decisions. All this Israeli tyranny is approved and financially, militarily and morally supported by the American administration, support which is revealed by the sending of American warships to the Eastern Mediterranean Coast, along the Syrian and Lebanese shores.

Of course the aim of this American step is not maintaining regional security as it has claimed, but to interfere directly with the internal affairs of the countries of the region and to prepare an aggressive war aiming to impose its conditions by force on the Arab region through the security council.

We denounce the brutal and aggressive war, devastating for both man and infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank as well as the siege and blockade policy, and call the Palestinian groups to be united in the face of the aggression and to stop the river of blood. We also call the Arab governments to break their silence and give financial, moral and informational support to the Palestinian people.

We urge the popular movements, trade unions, solidarity and youth movements, political parties all over the world to denounce the daily massacres in Gaza and the West Bank, the starvation and death siege imposed on Gaza people who are prevented from obtaining medicines, food and fuel.

We demand the governments to urgently take supportive political and humane attitudes towards the Palestinian people, and to denounce the mobilization of the American warships, aiming to support Israel in its aggressive war against the Palestinian people and to threaten Syria and Lebanon.

The Parties

  1. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  2. PADS, Algeria
  3. Democratic Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
  4. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  5. Workers’ Party of Belgium
  6. Communist Party of Brazil
  7. New Communist Party of Britain
  8. Communist Party of Canada
  9. Communist Party of Chile
  10. Socialist Worker’s Party of Croatia
  11. Communist Party in Denmark
  12. Communist Party of Egypt
  13. Communist Party of Estonia
  14. Communist Party of finland
  15. German Communist Party
  16. Communist Party of Greece
  17. Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party
  18. Communist Party of India
  19. Communist Party of Ireland
  20. Communist Party of Israel
  21. Socialist Party of Latvia
  22. Lebanese Communist Party
  23. Socialist Party of Lithuania
  24. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  25. Communist Party of Malta
  26. Party of the Communists, Mexico
  27. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  28. Communist Party of Norway
  29. Peruvian Communist Party
  30. Phillipine Communist Party — 1930
  31. Portuguese Communist Party
  32. Socialist Alliance Party, Romania.
  33. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
  34. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  35. South African Communist Party
  36. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  37. Communist Party of Sweden
  38. Syrian Communist Party
  39. Communist Party of Turkey

21st March 2008