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The Struggle Against USA and NATO Imperialism which Seek World Hegemony is the Key Task of the Progressive Forces

October, 2022

Statement by the participants in the XXIIInternational Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Havana, 28-29 October, 2022

The peoples of the world are witnessing a rapid sharpening of the general crisis of capitalism. Unable to cope with the growing contradictions, imperialism is becoming ever more dangerous for humankind. It resorts ever more often to provocations and conflicts. Its actions threaten a new world war and the use of nuclear weapons.

In fact the war, as armed struggle of classes, nations or states, has been waged since 2014 when the Kiev Nazis launched a punitive operation against the population of Donbass.People were being killed for wanting to speak their native Russian tongue, refusing to recognize collaborators with Hitler’s Nazism as heroes, to destroy Soviet monuments and sever their links with Russia.

Today more than fifty predator-countries, organized and directed by US-led NATO, are using Ukrainian followers of Banderaites, allies of Hitler, to pursue a policy of Fascist expansion vis-à-vis Russia. Combined political, financial, economic and military resources of world capital, including the human resources of mercenaries, have been committed to the suppression and dismemberment of Russia. The objective is characteristic of big capital: eliminating competition and re-dividing spheres of influence. Above all in Europe. The aim is to establish world hegemony of the USA in the 21st century with active and overt use of Fascism.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties support the just anti-Fascist struggle of the working people of Donbass backed by the Russian Armed Forces.We come out against the US imperialism which is using Fascist methods in its foreign policy and, with direct participation of NATO, is in fact waging a war aimed at defeating Russia with the hands of the puppet bourgeois-nationalist Ukrainian regime.

We declare that we will do all we can to prevent Russia from repeating the fate of Yugoslavia, Iraq or Libya, which is starkly at odds with the interests of the world workers’ movement. Reaction seeks to establish its new order firmly and for long. Russia cannot afford to lose the war against Nazism.

We voice our categorical protest against the policy of Fascism, anti-Sovietism and Russophobia in all the EU and NATO countries. We protest against the aggression unleashed against Russia by the USA and NATO with the hands of Ukraine’s Nazis. We express our resolute solidarity with the communists and all the working people of Ukraine and Russia. We declare our determination to fight the resurgent brown plague firmly and aggressively.

The communist position is invariable: it is only by putting an end to capitalism that an end can be put to Fascism and the threat of a world nuclear war.

We will dedicate our activity and our lives to this struggle.

Proletarians of all lands, unite!

28–29 October, 2022 , Havana, Cuba

SolidNet Parties signing

Communist Party of Azerbaijan

Communist Party of Brazil

New Communist Party of Britain

Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia

German Communist Party

Communist Party (Italy)

Hungarian Workers' Party

Communist Party of Malta

Socialist Party of Latvia

Lebanese Communist Party

Palestinian Communist Party

Romanian Socialist Party

Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Russian Communist Workers' Party

Party of Communists of Serbia

Syrian Communist Party (Unified)

Communist Party of Ukraine

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