National News

Coca-Cola workers fight on

MEMBERS of the giant union Unite at Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Edmonton bottling plant are continuing to strike as the company refuses to enter into meaningful negotiations over a two-year pay offer.

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BBC strike threat success

BBC STAFF unions last week called off a planned strike over threats to pensions after the prospect of a strike elicited an improved offer.

Bectu, the NUJ and Unite, the unions which represent the majority of BBC staff, confirmed that strikes planned for 5th and 6th October have been called off after management tabled an improved offer on pensions earlier today.

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Right calls for more anti union laws following Tube strikes

THE LONDON Underground network was thrown into chaos by the second joint union strike against the planned cutting of 800 jobs — mainly ticket office staff. The 24-hour strike began at 18.30 on Sunday evening and lasted through until Monday evening.

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University fees to rise five-fold?

CON-DEM coalition proposals to remove the cap on university fees could see them rise five-fold, according to research released last week — based on the charges made to overseas students.

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Equality law now ‘toothless’

THE FAWCETT Society, which campaigns for gender equality, last week accused the Coalition government of rendered the Equality Act “virtually toothless” as it came into effect last week.

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‘Stuff your cuts, we won’t pay!’

THOUSANDS of trade unionists and other campaigners against the proposed Con-Dem coalition massacre of public services marched through the streets of Birmingham, despite heavy rain, to deliver their message to Conservative party delegates at their annual conference.

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Unions attack NHS changes

THE ROYAL College of Nursing and the public sector union Unison last week both expressed alarm at the speed at which Con-Dem Coalition fundamental changes to the structure of the NHS are being pushed through.

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Restaurant bosses still counting tips as basic pay

THE UNION Unite has described as a “total failure” the reaction of the hospitality sector to implement a fair tips system.

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Health and safety myths

THE TUC last week commented on Lord Young’s review of safety, with a view to reducing health and safety protection laws.

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International News

US: the Tea Party and the class struggle

by David Sole

THE CORPORATE media can’t give enough coverage to the Tea Party movement and its relationship to the Republican Party. Little, however, gives any useful information about the real nature of these groupings in light of the class nature of US society or the economic crisis.

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More French protests against pension attack

Xinhua news agency

FRENCH trade unions vowed on Monday to stage further nationwide strikes against pension reforms while the government stands firm on its plan and still refuses to bow to the streets’ call. Ecuador: Latin America’s last coup? by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey THE ATTEMPTED coup on 30th September in Ecuador was a last-ditch, desperate attempt by reactionary forces trying to oust Rafael Correa’s Socialism of the 21st Century. Fewer than 1,000 police took to the streets on a murderous rampage...and they failed miserably. Who was behind them? Why, allegedly Ecuador’s opposition, led by Colonel Lucio Gutierrez. And who is behind him?

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Brazil: second round to elect a president

Radio Havana Cuba

AS USUAL in recent years, a second round will be necessary to choose the next president of Brazil, following the results of the elections held last Sunday.

Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party (PT) took the lead with 47 per cent of the vote but fell short of the 50 per cent plus one requirement to win a simple majority.

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Red sun: travels in a Naxalite country

Review by Peter Hendy

RED SUN: Travels in a Naxalite Country : Sudeep Chakravati,

Penguin Books India 2009

A REVOLUTIONARY war is being fought by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI-Maoist) against the Indian state. A “Red Corridor” exists down a swathe of central India from Nepal in the north to Karnatka in the South, covering more than a quarter of India’s land mass.

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Russian missiles that get on America and Israel’s nerves

by Sergei Balmasov

THE RECENT announcement of Russia’s decision to sell Yakhont [Sapphire] anti-ship missiles (ASM) to Syria has caused considerable concern in Washington and Tel Aviv.

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Vietnam: Peace Trees help children blossom

by Minh Thu

DOAN THI My Lien, a young teacher, feels a rush of excitement as she prepares her first lessons at a new kindergarten in Khe Da Village in the central province of Quang Tri.

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Jazz legend Wynton Marsalis to perform in Cuba

by José Dos Santos

WHEN PEOPLE talk about legends, they are usually referring to those who have reached their golden years, venerated by their followers, and no longer in danger of opinions that could devastate their aura.

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