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By Daphne Liddle

THREE firefighters were attacked on the picket line by scabs this week while Management spreads smears to the gutter press about union intimidation, wanting to “stop firework night”, and the supposed high-life of senior FBU officials.

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US: ‘the time for struggle is now’

by our North American correspondent

THE REPUBLICAN Party, with the support of the extremely reactionary Tea Party movement, has won control of the House of Representatives but failed to take the Senate in mid-term elections this week.

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Unity in the fight against the cuts

THROUGHOUT Britain people who have never been involved in anything political before are thinking about joining the multitude of protests against the Con-Dem Coalition cuts. There has not been such an upsurge since the millions-strong popular struggle that defeated the poll tax. And that is the point — the strength of the working class lies in its numbers, its diversity, and the thousands of different but complementary tactics that arise through people’s ingenuity. These range from those prepared to defy the law and go to prison to those who write letters to papers and their MPs. All make a contribution and all are needed.

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