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Rough justice


by Daphne Liddle

THE RECENT RIOTS IN London that spread throughout the country gave the ruling class a scare. And now the bourgeois state machine, through the courts, is responding vindictively and handing out draconian custodial sentences to hundreds of people — most of whom were first offenders.

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Tripoli celebrates a victory

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

MISRATA has fallen. The rebel stronghold on the road to Tripoli was stormed by loyalist forces this week and they now control most of the port that has been in rebel hands for the past six months. And Libyan Interior Minister Nasser al Mabrouk has appeared on Libyan television to dismiss western claims that he had fled to Egypt to join the rebels, pointing out that his private visit to Cairo was for hospital treatment.

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Riots rock the Establishment

THE RIOTS have certainly rocked the Establishment. The police, for reasons still to be adequately explained, lost control of the streets of London and in many other towns throughout England. Over 48,000 stores, shops, pubs and restaurants were hit and five people were killed during the disturbances.

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