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Cameron hides NHS risks

by Daphne Liddle

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron is losing his grip as health professionals, unions, patients and the general public become more united in their determination to stop the NHS reforms that would lead to private control of the NHS budget.

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Turkish agents seized in Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

IRANIAN warships have docked at the Syrian port of Tarsus in a show of solidarity with the beleaguered Arab republic battling against a Nato-backed revolt and a vicious imperialist economic blockade.

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Platitudes amid turmoil

UNEMPLOYMENT UP; Public sector unions calling for another joint strike on pensions in March; Angry crowds outside Downing Street — and Europe in turmoil as Greek workers rage against the draconian cuts imposed on them by the bankers of Europe and the United States. But all the Tories and their Liberal Democrat collaborators can come up with are the usual grin-and-bear it platitudes echoed by the bourgeois media, which tells us to save money by brewing our tea in the microwave and making tasty snacks out of potato peel.

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Storm clouds over the Gulf

WHATEVER the state of the economy there’s always money for another war.

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