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West behind Syria assassinations

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

SYRIA has vowed to crush the imperialist-backed rebel gangs who killed the Defence Minister and other senior government officials in a bomb attack in central Damascus on Wednesday. The attack came on the eve of a meeting of the United Nations Security Council set to discuss renewing the UN observer mission in Syria amid Russian threats to again veto any imperialist resolution that could pave the way to Nato intervention.

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The economy is worse than the weather

by Caroline Colebrook

BRITAIN’s economic prospects are grim and getting worse more quickly than any other major advanced economy, according to the latest forecast from the International Monetary Fund.

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The House of Frauds

BACK IN 1649 the House of Lords was abolished. The revolutionary parliament, which had just tried and executed Charles Stuart, the former king, declared that the House of Lords was “useless and dangerous” adding, for good measure, that “No Peer of this Land, not being Elected, Qualified, and sitting in Parliament as aforesaid, shall claim, have or make use of any privilege of Parliament, either in relation to his Person, Quality or Estate, Any Law, Usage or Custom to the contrary notwithstanding.”

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