National News

Homeless expelled from London

CASH STRAPPED London councils are planning to send thousands of homeless families to temporary homes outside London — some a long way from the capital — because the price of accommodation is cheaper there.

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Secrets Act gags Atos doctors

DOCTORS and nurses employed by the French owned agency Atos to carry out the controversial work capability assessments for the Department of Work and Pensions are made to sign the Official Secrets Act, the healthcare company confirmed yesterday.

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Top bosses enjoy 27 per cent pay rises

THE DIRECTORS of Britain’s top 100 companies have given themselves income increases of 27 per cent on average even though there has been a near freeze on salaries and bonuses, according to a report from Incomes Data Services.

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Stateless children adrift on our streets

HUNDREDS of teenagers are wandering the streets of all our major cities who have been brought to Britain legally as children but have since been cast adrift and have no legal status or access to services.

The BBC TV programme Inside Out London has uncovered stories of children living rough, who according to official records do not exist.

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Above the tax laws

BRITAIN’S most senior tax official last week admitted that the Government is powerless to stop large multi-national companies like Starbucks and Google from paying almost no tax on their profits in this country.

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Humiliation for Infidels

A BREAKAWAY splinter group from the Islamophobic English Defence League who call themselves the Infidels suffered a humiliating defeat at Liverpool Town Hall last week when they attempted to get “IRA marches” banned in the city.

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Free Ro Su Hui!

by New Worker correspondent

NEW COMMUNIST Party leader Andy Brooks joined a picket of the south Korean embassy in London last week to demand the release of Ro Su Hui, the south Korean peace activist arrested in July after he returned from a visit to the north. Ro was arrested and detained by the south Korean puppet regime under the so-called "National Security Law" which punishes south Koreans for visiting north Korea or sympathising with it in anyway.

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Saluting the Red Revolution!

by New Worker correspondent

EVERY year communists and progressives all around the world pause to remember the outstanding achievements of the Bolsheviks that began with the overthrow of the old order in 1917.

And for many years old friends and new have gathered at the New Communist Party Centre to take part in the Party’s traditional celebration of the greatest event of the 20th century. The old print shop was, once again, transformed into a bar and buffet for the event and NCP chairperson Alex Kempshall kicked off the formal part of the evening with a tribute to the eternal achievements and sacrifice of the Soviet people.

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International News

European workers prepare for day of action

by Chris Fry

FIVE years ago the world banking system, the foundation of the imperialist social and economic system, fractured. Huge financial institutions sank into bankruptcy as each found that its speculations (they call them “investments”), which seemed so safe and secure, so insured by other huge banking houses, suddenly crumbled like a falling house of cards.

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Greece paralysed by general strike

by Ed Newman

HUNDREDS of thousands of Greeks began a 48-hour nationwide strike on Tuesday, shutting down schools, banks, local government offices and ports to protest at the government’s latest round of austerity measures.

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The US Blockade and Cuban Health

Radio Havana Cuba

THE CRUEL economic, financial and commercial blockade that the US has maintained against Cuba for more than 50 years has left obvious marks in all spheres of national life, including sensitive sectors such as health, especially cardiovascular surgery.

In the struggle against this unjust blockade, the achievements of the Ernesto Guevara Cardio Centre in Santa Clara stand out. There the surgical survival rate has stood at 94.7 per cent throughout its 26 years of service.

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Syrian Army repulses rebel attack on air-base

by Xelcis Presno

THE 20-month-old violence in Syria sees no end yet despite continuous international mediation efforts, as blasts and shootings again devastated the northern province of Idlib on Saturday.

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Social Democrats in France, Fascists in Latvia

Rob Gowland FRANCE’S new President, Francois Hollande, is having an uphill struggle. He calls himself a Socialist, but like many European socialists he would more accurately be called a Social Democrat. Although intending to work solely within the capitalist system he nevertheless felt himself able to promise voters that if elected he would foster growth domestically and in Europe and to balance the French budget by 2017.

Laudatory aims, but the problems facing the capitalist world are not making his job any easier!

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Another extraordinary extradition

by Neil Harris

BEING on the list of America’s enemies is always an unpleasant experience but there is a price to be paid for being one of its friends too, and as the State department cables revealed by Wikileaks show, part of that price is humiliation.

There seems to be a general requirement that America’s friends sign up to treaties promising to extradite suspects quickly with no questions asked, a favour that is rarely returned.

In the summer of 2009, the US served extradition papers on the Jamaican government for Christopher “Dudus” Coke, a well-known gangster and international drug smuggler. There was never any doubt that Coke deserved his fate, but the extradition was never going to be easy.

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Scottish-Chinese friendship boost

Xinhua news agency

SCOTTISH Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Language Alasdair Allan highlighted the importance of Scottish links with China to promote mutual understanding and friendship last week.

Allan was speaking at a reception at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for the two-week “Scotland in Conversation with China” under the theme of “Defining Scotland’s Distinctive Identity in an Era of Globalisation — the Chinese Perspective”.

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