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Bleak prospects for workers

by Daphne Liddle

THE WORKING class in Britain faces an unending prospect of more unemployment, more cuts and more poverty as Chancellor George Osborne’s economic strategy of relentless austerity continues to crush any hope of economic revival and the Government’s debt problems go from bad to worse.

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Gaza celebrates ceasefire

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE STREETS of Gaza were packed last week to celebrate the ceasefire that ended the latest confrontation with Israel. Now the Palestinians are sweeping up the rubble and beginning to restore the public services shattered by a week of continuous air and missile attacks. But though the Arab losses were far greater than those of the Israelis the Hamas leadership are claiming victory and have proclaimed 22nd November a public annual holiday.

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The ethics of journalism

THE LEVESON inquiry is about to report and the media is full of expectation of recommendations for stronger legal controls on the press and media and debates about the need to defend a “free” press while protecting people whose lives have been wrecked by unwarranted intrusion and vilification by the gutter press.

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