Syria rallies behind Assad!

WHEN is an election not an election? The answer, as always as far as the imperialists are concerned, is whenever the result goes against them. Last week Syrian president Bashar al Assad was re-elected in a landslide victory that confounded his enemies who had hoped the vote would never take place and did their best to disrupt it when it did.

Millions of Syrians at home and abroad took part in the election that swept Bashar al Assad to the presidency with 88.7 per cent of the vote. Two challengers garnered just over seven per cent between them and the turn-out was a remarkable 73.42 per cent given that the Nato-backed terror gangs still operate in the east of the country.

This, of course, means nothing to the imperialists and their tame Middle East media pundits who have predictably said the Syrian vote was rigged and a “farce”. But in reality it’s their sham polls that are truly farcical because all bourgeois elections are the manipulation of the largest number of votes by the smallest number of people.

In their eyes the only elections that count, like the recent “presidential” poll in the parts of Ukraine still under the control of the Kiev regime or the charade that is routinely carried out in south Korea, are those that produce the results they want.

The Syrian people long ago closed ranks behind the Syrian Arab Army to defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda terror gangs that were armed and funded by the imperialists and their feudal Arab oil prince lackeys. Now they’ve rallied to defend their independence and the new constitution drafted during the height of the civil war to unite the people in the face of attempts to overthrow the government and break up the country.

The Syrian vote was a massive vote of confidence for the leader of the Arab Socialist Renaissance Party (Baath) that heads the country’s popular front government and a resounding endorsement of the modern pluralist constitution that the Baath and its allies, which include Syria’s communist parties, helped draw up to meet the democratic demands of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people.