The Agenda for the Working Class

by New Worker correspondent

Communists met in central London last weekend to consider the role of the working class in the current crisis and pave the way for a new theoretical journal to take the movement forward. And many took part in the discussions that followed the talks given by comrades from the New Communist Party of Britain and the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (ML) that kicked off the discussion around the theme of the Agenda for the Working Class.

The joint seminar was organised by the NCP and the RCPB (ML) whose members and supporters came from all parts of the country to take part in the meeting.

Both parties called for papers on crucial topics which, in the opinion of the organisers, need to be taken up for solution by the communist and workers’ movement. And the first objective of the seminar was to facilitate discussion and expand the space for communism, with the aim of building ideological and political unity in the movement.

Chaired by Lesley Larkum four comrades from both parties including Michael Chant from the RPCB (ML) and Andy Brooks and Daphne Liddle from the NCP opened on topics ranging from Party Building to Lead the Proletarian Front, the United Front in the Modern Era, The Importance of the Anti- Fascist Struggle and For a New Direction for the Economy and Society.

Future seminars are being planned and all the documents will eventually be published in a new journal that both parties are going to publish to broaden the discussion and encourage the development of communist theory and practice in Britain.