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Labour needs a backbone

by Daphne Liddle

THE LABOUR Party conference in Manchester this week has been uninspiring and marked by a series of disappointments and silly mistakes.

The only motivation for working class voters to bother to go to the polls remains the horrifying prospect of another five years with the Tories in Downing Street.

Labour leader Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls kicked off just before the conference with a pledge that, if elected, they would deal with Britain’s dire low wage problem by raising the minimum wage to £8-an-hour — and then added “by 2020”.

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Russia slams US raids on ISIS in Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA and Iran have condemned the American- led air strikes against Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Syria as a violation of international law and a further move to destabilise the situation in Syria.

The air-raids and missile attacks by US war-planes and those of some its feudal Arab lackeys targeted IS camps and arms dumps in parts of eastern Syria under the control of the sectarian Sunni Muslim militia that was once covertly supported by imperialism it its bid to bring down the Baathist-led popular front government in Damascus.

The Syrians are ready to cooperate with international efforts to fight the IS militia, which has been waging a brutal campaign together with its Muslim Brotherhood allies to overthrow the Assad government

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A Better Scotland?

LAST WEEK the people of Scotland voted to reject independence. Nearly 85 per cent of the electorate voted in the referendum that the Scottish National Party (SNP) hoped would end the union with the Westminster Parliament. But though the campaign clearly mobilised millions of Scots the nationalists failed to win the majority to their banner.

A total of 3,619,915 people voted Yes or No — a turnout of 84.5 per cent in Scotland as a whole and a new record for any election held in Britain since the introduction of universal suffrage in 1918. And at the count the “No” side was victorious, with 55 per cent voting against independence in a poll that the Tories are saying has settled the Scottish question for at least another generation.

That, of course, is a matter of opinion. Some say that former Labour premier Gordon Brown’s last minute intervention pledging greater powers to the Scottish Parliament was decisive in securing a majority in favour of the Union. In fact the result merely confirmed what the opinion polls had been long predicting.

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In Memoriam Eric Trevett 1931-2014

In Memoriam Eric Trevett 1931-2014

ERIC TREVETT, the President of the New Communist Party of Britain, passed away on Saturday 6th September. A life-long communist, internationalist and peace campaigner, Eric worked with Sid French on the Surrey District of the Communist Party of Great Britain for many years fighting for peace and struggling against revisionism within the old communist party.

They opposed the revisionist line of the CPGB as expressed in its programme, The British Road to Socialism. They had fought within the party for many years against this departure from Marxist-Leninist ideology through the CPGB’s internal democratic centralist structure. But in 1977, when the revisionist leaders moved to violate their own rules and basic communist norms and expel Sid and Eric to push through a more blatantly revisionist programme, the formation of a new party became inevitable.

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