Say No to EU on Thursday

NOW IS the time to make a massive break with the Treaty of Rome. Next week’s referendum could decide whether Britain remains or leaves the European Union (EU). Even though the opinion polls put the “Brexit” camp in the lead, a massive vote to leave on the day is needed to negate any parliamentary attempt to negate the decision.

During the campaign the deep divisions within the ruling class have come out into the open, splitting the Tories, whilst both sides appealed to the working class for support on the day. But the level of debate during the run-up to the vote has barely risen from the gutter, with the “Remain” camp resorting to “Project Fear” scare stories of mass unemployment, high taxes and even world war if Britain leaves; whilst the “Brexiteers” bang on about immigration and the supposed threat to national security posed by continued EU membership. This is not surprising because the leaderships of both camps directly serve the interests of the rival wings of the ruling class.

The principled working class opposition to the EU has barely been heard above the hubbub of the bourgeois media that seeks to limit the discussion to the confines set by the bourgeoisie themselves.

Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of the Labour leadership talk about a future “Social Europe” and that “Another Europe is possible” — the line of most of the Left social-democrats, Trotskyists and revisionists inside the EU. Another Europe is indeed possible — but not within the EU.

The Treaty of Rome that created the original Common Market in 1957 was always about making businesses as profitable as possible. It was drawn up by Franco-German imperialism to protect capitalism and provide the machinery to exploit the working class to the hilt. Subsequent treaties and enlargements have taken the EU from the Atlantic to the borders of Russia.

The EU is neither democratic nor genuinely federal. Decision making is dominated by unelected bodies such as the European Commission and European Central Bank. The much-vaunted “social contract” that some of our union leaders drool over was a meaningless sop designed to provide an alibi for the class-collaborating European social-democrats who have gone along with every stage of EU enlargement.

They accepted the abolition of internal borders to allow the free movement of labour and capital. They did little or nothing to stop the undermining of collective bargaining at a national level, and they have refused to support the mass resistance to austerity and the EU-wide bourgeois offensive against union rights designed to put the entire burden of the current economic crisis on the backs of the working class.

The New Communist Party (NCP) has opposed EU membership from the start. We believe in a principled fight that will build international class solidarity and not undermine it. We have always refused to work alongside the likes of UKIP, whose opposition to the EU is based on xenophobia and barely-masked racism. We also have welcomed the establishment of “Lexit” — the Left Leave campaign for a UK Left exit from the EU — whilst maintaining our own independent communist campaign.

A huge anti-EU vote could bring down the Cameron government and give a major boost to the anti-austerity struggle in the rest of Europe. Let’s make it be so on Thursday!