The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 2nd December 2016

Victory in Aleppo

THE SYRIAN Arab Army has made sweeping gains in Aleppo this week driving the NATO-backed gunmen out of almost half of the enclave they’ve terrorised for the best part of four years.

The response of the war-lobby in Parliament has been to step up its demands for direct imperialist intervention to bail out the rebels who have been less than covertly armed and funded by NATO and the feudal Arab oil kings to overthrow the popular front government in Damascus.

Over 120 MPs — including former Tory Cabinet ministers Michael Gove and Andrew Mitchell — have called on the British Government to authorise immediate airdrops of food and medicine to ease the desperate plight of adults and children trapped in besieged areas of Syria, claiming that the “the time for excuses is over” and that it is unacceptable that “nearly 100,000 children are facing the slowest, cruellest death because we cannot reach them with food and medical supplies”.

The MPs, who shamefully include Labour Shadow Foreign Minister Emily Thornberry, claim that the “Assad and Putin regimes” are moving to “exterminate” all those who have not already been killed as a consequence of their indiscriminate bombing campaigns.

Needless to say Syrian troops have found no evidence of the hospitals and schools that the bourgeois media claimed were the sole targets of Syrian and Russian warplanes in recent days. Nor have they encountered anything like the huge civilian population that the imperialists and the terror gangs said were trapped by the fighting.

The imperialist lie-machine told us over 250,000 civilians lived in the rebel-held enclave in Aleppo. But when the Syrian army liberated large chunks of east Aleppo most neighbourhoods were already empty. We were told this is the greatest human tragedy since the Second World War — it now appears this is another lie to push for intervention.

While the Syrians advance on all fronts the US-backed Iraqi offensive against ISIS in Mosul has stalled. American hopes that retreating ISIS militiamen would boost Syrian rebel strength in Syria have been foiled. Meanwhile Turkish attempts to take over northern Syria are floundering the face of fierce resistance from the Kurdish militias.

Thousands of innocent civilians have been freed by the Syrian forces and their Kurdish militia allies in the fighting over the past few days. Many more will be hoping that the Syrian army and its allies will soon finish the job and drive the sectarian Muslim terrorists out of the city and the country altogether.