The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 20th January 2017

Lead story

May’s Brexit hash

by Caroline Colebrook

PRIME Minister Theresa May last Tuesday presented her plan, so far, for Brexit negotiations.

Significantly she made the speech not in Parliament to our MPs but at a press conference in Lancaster House in front of an invited audience of ambassadors from European Union (EU) countries.

She confirmed again that she will invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in March, starting a two-year period of negotiation. Most agree that the full negotiations will take a lot longer. But May said that leaving the EU will be a gradual process, with various steps coming into force as they are negotiated and agreed, so that Britain will be more out than in within the two years. These agreements, May said, will be presented to Parliament as Bills as they come up.

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Doctors’ anger at May’s scapegoating

DOCTORS last week accused Prime Minister Theresa May of scapegoating general practitioners (GPs) for the NHS crisis, in a deliberate attempt to distract the public from an under-funded service under intense strain.

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Momentum between the devil and the deep blue sea

THE STRIFE within the Corbyn supporters’ group Momentum goes from bad to worse. The group was formed on an ad hoc basis in 2015 with Jon Lansman taking the leading role and registering Momentum as a company at Companies House with himself as director.

At the time groups all over the country — some inside the Labour Party and some not — were springing up and calling themselves Momentum as support for Corbyn swelled throughout the Left. It was a bit chaotic but with a single purpose — to back Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party and to rescue the party from the right-wing New Labour Blairites who still dominate its structure.

After Corbyn in 2016 succeeded in fighting off an attempt to force his resignation by Blairite MPs and a new challenge to his leadership, most Momentum leaders agreed it was time to give their movement some structure and a constitution and started planning a founding conference for early this year.

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