The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 11th August 2017

Another Blairite Trojan horse

MEANWHILE a bunch of discredited Blairite MPs have set up a new Venezuelan parliamentary group clearly designed to undermine the Corbyn leadership whilst supporting agents of US imperialism working to bring down the progressive Maduro government in Venezuela.

These worthless has-beens are out to get Corbyn for his past support of the Bolivarian revolution that ended decades of exploitation by the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and the US corporations that have long plundered the south American country.

Lord Prescott, to his credit, was quick off the mark to mock them for never having raised Venezuela in parliament before and being motivated purely by hatred for Jeremy Corbyn. The former deputy premier in the Blair era also told the media that Corbyn did not “run away” from opinions he had previously expressed about Venezuela, adding that it was important to “reassess when there are new circumstances”. In the past Prescott aligned himself with the traditional Labour right-wing in Parliament but he robustly stood by Corbyn during the last election.

The Venezuelan masses have closed ranks to defend their revolution. We must do the same.