Stand Up to Racism!

DIANE ABBOTT and John McDonnell are calling on people to take to the streets against the fascist mobs campaigning for the release of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the jailed racist who calls himself “Tommy Robinson”.

Thousands of fascists and racists swarmed over Whitehall in June, with their Nazi salutes and racist abuse, to jeer non-white tourists and anti-racist campaigners during a rally called to demand the release of Robinson, who was jailed in May for contempt of court.

The Labour Shadow ministers, along with other MPs, trade union leaders and anti-racist campaigners, are calling for mass protests to counter the racists and neo-Nazis whose followers are planning further big protests in support of Robinson next month in London and across the county. Needless to say, Tommy Robinson, who is a supporter of the State of Israel, is no Adolf Hitler and his degenerate followers are not in the same league as the FÜhrer’s Nazi thugs or Mussolini’s Blackshirt legions. Nevertheless, they can still spread the same sort of violence that was favoured by their fascist forefathers in the 1930s. These people believe they can come to power by provoking a “race war” with their hate-filled doctrines of white supremacy that target Muslims and other ethnic minorities on the estates and streets of our country. We must prove them wrong.

The ruling class is not inherently racist, but it has always used racism to divide and weaken the working class. When any worker suffers abuse or discrimination because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality or for any other reason, the class as a whole is weakened and it is the responsibility of the whole class to combat racism and all other divisions of the class.

This is why the New Communist Party does not support separate organisation for workers of different colour, religion or gender. The class must stand united on the basis that an injury to one is an injury to all.

When the class struggle intensifies the ruling class turns to fascism as another weapon in their arsenal of repression. Fascism is the direct rule of the most reactionary and ruthless section of the ruling class. It opposes all forms of democracy, eschews all human rights and denigrates bourgeois liberal ideas. It is afraid of communism, socialism and the organised working class, and seeks to suppress all working class organisations. Since the mid-1970s there has been a creeping change towards fascism, beginning with internment without trial in the occupied north of Ireland.

The labour movement is taking the lead in combating racism at work and in the community. The resurgent Labour Party and all the major trade unions have become involved in broad anti-fascist campaigning and have provided hundreds if not thousands of volunteers to do this door-to-door work.

Len McCluskey, the general secretary of the giant union Unite, says: “There is a growing and worryingly unified and violent far-right marching on our streets. I call on all trade union members to join the protest against them — let’s not let the peddlers of prejudice win.” We fully agree. New Communist Party members and cells should become involved in active local anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigning wherever they can, and should support their trade unions in this.