The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 20th July 2018


by our European Affairs correspondentt

DONALD TRUMP returned to Washington this week to face a barrage of abuse from the Democrats and his enemies within his own Republican party over concessions that the leader of US imperialism allegedly made during his talks with Vladimir Putin in the finnish capital this week.

Putin said that the relations between Russia and the USA were going through a difficult period of time. Yet, the meeting between the presidents of the two countries was held “in a frank and business-like atmosphere”. The Russian leader added that the Helsinki summit showed the desire of the two countries to “straighten out the relations”.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended his first face-to-face meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki. They discussed the current state of bilateral relations along with pressing issues on the international agenda, Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 US election and the situation in Syria.

Trump was equally upbeat, noting that in the long term his meeting with Putin could be more productive than the NATO summit, which he attended before coming to Helsinki.

But he came under a hail of flak from members of the US Congress and the bourgeois media who are accusing him of ‘treason’ in order to derail future co-operation between Russia and the USA. Trump, who had publicly accepted that Russia had not meddled in the 2016 American presidential election at a joint news conference with Putin on Monday, had to eat his words the following day and unconvincingly claim that he had been misquoted.

On Tuesday, US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a probe into the talks themselves, including seizing the meeting notes. Another Democratic Congressman has called on the House to subpoena the US interpreter that was present during the private meeting between Trump and Putin.

Though Trump openly seeks to maintain US hegemony across the world, his ‘America first’ policy is at variance with the post-Cold War American bourgeois consensus in favour of a ‘new world order’ and ‘globalism’. Leading Democrats, who pose as defenders of workers’ interests, represent the bourgeois liberal elite most opposed to Trump’s occasional foreign policy interventions that they believe undermines US domination in the Far East and Europe. But Trump’s moves simply reflect the need to reduce direct US military expenditure whilst recognising the limitations of American power in what is increasingly becoming a multi-polar world.

Most Democratic politicians endorse the chief American warlord’s threats against the progressive government of Venezuela and the tearing up of the nuclear deal with Iran. It’s Trump’s attempt to defuse the crisis on the Korean peninsula through negotiations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) that they don’t like. They roared with approval when Trump defied world and Arab opinion to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. But they’re furious at Trump’s very modest efforts to reach an accord with Russia to end the conflict in Syria.

The Helsinki summit was an important step in easing tension between Russia and the USA. Whether Trump’s opposition and the ‘deep state’ that is deeply embedded in both major bourgeois parties in the USA can overturn it remains to be seen.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas believes that: “It’s important that the US and Russia talk to each other. We can’t allow silence to be in place between Washington and Moscow on Syria, Ukraine, arms control and disarmament.” The social-democratic politician in Angela Merkel’s grand coalition said Germany supported constructive cooperation between the USA and Russia with respect to nuclear arms control as long as the involved parties respect existing treaties. “It now needs practical steps as soon as possible, so that it is not just a mere commitment to cooperation,” Maas told the German media