The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 23rd November 2018

Broken Britain

BRITAIN HAS the fifth largest economy in the world, second only to Germany in Europe. London is a millionaires’ playground for the scions of the ruling class, and a safe-haven for the oligarchs and oil sheikhs to stash their immense ill-gotten gains. These immensely rich parasites and their worthless hirelings in parliament cruise through the capital in their limousines oblivious to the poverty and despair of the homeless on the streets. But other eyes see what we can see.

The United Nations (UN) has issued a damning report on poverty in Britain today. Professor Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur, spent two weeks visiting diverse communities across Britain, and his report on growing poverty makes a damning case against the economic policies of present and past Conservative governments.

Professor Alston, the UN special rapporteur who acts as a watchdog on extreme poverty around the world, said that about 14 million people, who are one-fifth of the UK’s population, live in poverty, adding that 1.5 million of them are unable to afford even basic essentials. Prof Alston says that the high poverty rates reflect the massive inequality in the country and that the austerity regime has inflicted great suffering on the population.

He described the situation in Britain as “not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster, all rolled into one”. Years of austerity cuts in social welfare have forced over a million workers to turn to food-banks to survive. Millions more scrabble around on bread-line wages just to keep a roof over their heads. Meanwhile a tiny elite live lives beyond the reach, and often beyond the imagination, of most workers.

The ruling class, the industrialists, the capitalists and the big landowners, say we are living in a “free world”. But it is freedom only for the exploiters to continue to rob and plunder working people across the globe to ensure that a tiny handful of parasites can live the lives of Roman emperors on the backs of the millions upon millions of working people.

They say we have free speech and live in a democracy, but it’s democracy and freedom only for them. Their minions bang the drum of “human rights” to attack the remaining people’s democracies or anyone else that stands in the way of imperialist dominations. But they do nothing when one of their own lures a dissident journalist to his death in one of their own diplomatic missions.

Their politicians and their paid religious leaders preach about the superiority of the capitalist system that they call freedom. They tell us that there is no alternative to exploitation and oppression. Their tame dons tell us that socialism is finished and that history is dead. Yet still they fear socialism because socialism is still charting the future in Asia, in Democratic Korea, People’s China, Vietnam and Laos and, of course, in the beleaguered island of Cuba.

They claim they stand for intellectual freedom, but it is the freedom of the straitjacket and the dungeon. They preach this freedom with their Stealth bombers, their drones and special forces, and their blockades against all those who dare to stand up for themselves. We see what the ruling class means by freedom by the death and destruction in Syria, occupied Palestine and in the hills of Afghanistan.

Now it’s a fact that all the wealth of Britain and all the wealth of the world is produced by workers slaving away in the fields and mines, or pushing levers in factories. Only through socialism can the will of the masses, the overwhelming majority of the people, be carried out. Only socialism and mass democracy — not the sham democracy of the bourgeoisie or the myths of the social democrats — can end the class system and free working people from their slavery. Only socialism can unleash the great potential of working people to build a new and better society for themselves and the generations yet to come. Speed the day!