The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 8th February 2019

Lead story

No To US Troops In Venezuela!

By New Worker correspondent

TENSION is rising amidst reports that the Americans are planning an invasion to topple Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government and get their greedy hands on Venezuela’s oil and gold reserves. Senator Marco Rubio and other reactionary American politicians are calling on the Venezuelan army to overthrow Maduro and replace him with their chosen pawn, Juan Guaidó. And Donald Trump’s top aide, John Bolton, was seen last week holding a notepad that read: “5,000 troops to Colombia."

Others believe this is all part of a propaganda offensive designed to destabilise the Maduro government and boost the flagging fortunes of Venezuelan politicians already in the pocket of Washington.

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Day of the Shining Star in London

by New Worker correspondent

COMRADES and friends met in London last weekend to celebrate the birthday of Democratic Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who died at his post on 17th December 2011.

Kim Jong Il steered the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) through the difficult times that followed the death of great leader Kim Il Sung in 1994. He devoted his entire life to serving the Korean people in the cause of building a human-centred society, a cause that is espoused by democratic and anti-imperialist forces the world over. Called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), the meeting was opened by Dermot Hudson who spoke about Kim Jong Il’s outstanding contribution to the world communist movement.

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Crawling to the Americans

THE MAY Government’s recognition of the American lackey, Juan Guaidó, as ‘interim president’ of Venezuela is the latest episode in what some British politicians still shamefully call the “special relationship” with the USA. The weakness of the British Government makes this meaningless gesture, which was given in the hope of future reward from the Trump administration, pointless. But crawling to the Americans comes as second nature to those sections of the ruling class who believe that their global interests are best preserved through the might of US imperialism.

Though the Trump administration has widened existing divisions within America’s ruling circles over immigration and minority rights, the entire American ruling class wants to establish US hegemony over the world. What divides them is how to achieve it.

Democrat leaders still believe in the ‘new world order’ although they now prefer to call it ‘globalisation’. Trump, on the other hand, represents circles who want to cut back US military expenditure in Europe and north-east Asia so that they can concentrate on controlling the global energy market by taking over the entire Middle East and restoring US imperialism’s hegemony over south and central America. This is why they’re itching to get their greedy hands on Venezuela’s vast oil reserves, the biggest in the world.

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