The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 15th March 2019

May Torn to Shreds

by New Worker correspondent

MRS MAY’S Brexit deal was torn to shreds this week when MPs threw out the latest version of the departure plan by 149 votes on Tuesday. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the PM’s plan had been “decisively rejected” and she needs to change course.

The European Union’s Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said that the UK parliament has missed its “last chance” to reach a Brexit agreement. “We have done everything we could do,” Moscovici told the media. And Brussels’ chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, says the EU “cannot go any further” in trying to persuade MPs to back the agreed terms of exit and the UK had to break the impasse.

Mrs May still insists that Britain can still leave the EU with a “good deal”. But her hopes of winning parliamentary approval for any version of her plan, which would keep Britain in the EU in all but name, are looking exceeding slim given the size of the vote against her. Though the margin of failure was smaller than in January, when MPs voted against the Prime Minister’s EU withdrawal agreement by 432 votes to 202, her revised plan failed to win the backing of the die-hard Brexiteers in her own ranks, whose ‘European Research Group’ faction felt quite rightly that her new ‘deal’ was almost identical to the one that they helped to kick out at the beginning of the year. The “legally binding changes” Mrs May claimed to have secured from Brussels were not enough to win over the Tory rebels or Labour to the deal, which was thrown out by 391 to 242 votes.

May had secured legally binding changes to the deal on Monday night, but rebel Tories and those from the opposition Labour Party had said that these changes were not enough to persuade MPs to back the agreement reached by London and Brussels in November 2018 after years of painful negotiations.

Warning MPs that they faced “hard choices” after rejecting her deal for a second time, Mrs May now has to fight to stop a no-deal exit on 29th March and win a further vote to extend the Article 50 divorce process until, at least, the end of June. But the future of Mrs May’s government is now clearly in question amidst speculation in the Westminster bubble that a general election is now the only way out of the parliamentary impasse.

The dominant wing within the ruling class is pulling out all the stops to sink Corbyn and make it impossible for him to become Prime Minister. Their smears are aimed at splitting the Labour Party and keeping the Tories in office for another five years. Their collaborators are the Blairite fifth column within the Parliamentary Labour Party and the Zionist apologists within the labour movement.

But amongst the Europhiles within the corridors of power there is a growing realisation that the only way that Brexit can be stopped is with the return of a Labour government, ideally dependent on the support of the Scottish Nationalists (SNP) and the Liberal Democrats, whose price will inevitably be a second referendum.

We have to make sure this doesn’t happen. It won’t happen if Labour gets a big enough mandate at the next general election to govern without the dubious assistance of the SNP or the Liberal Democrats. At the same time we have to ensure that the hidden enemies within Labour’s ranks are rooted out. These people, the Blairites and those who pose as left-wingers whilst openly supporting continued British membership of the EU, pose an even greater threat to the labour movement than the openly bourgeois political blocs in parliament. We didn’t vote in 2016 to stay in the EU customs union tethered to Brussels legislation. We voted to Leave. The alternative is to stay in the EU with its austerity regime, the highest food prices in the world, ham-strung unions and mass unemployment. Two years ago millions of people voted decisively to leave the EU. Leave means Leave!