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End the crisis in the Gulf

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

BRITISH and other European diplomats went into top gear this week to stop the Gulf crisis spiralling out of control following the seizure of an Iranian oil tanker near Gibraltar by Royal Marines enforcing European Union (EU) sanctions against Syria. But the Iranians say the ship is not bound for Syria and they’ve denounced the raid as an act of piracy that will be met be an appropriate response if it is not released in good time.

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Protest picnic for struggling workers!

by Theo Russell

A GMB union ‘Protest Picnic’ was held outside Charing Cross hospital in West London on 4th July, in support of low-paid, privatised Sodexo support workers. Several members of the new Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea Trades Council joined the protest, and the trades council banner was on display along with the local National Education Union (NEU) banner.

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Troubled waters

ALTHOUGH the results of the Tory leadership contest won’t be declared until next week, Boris Johnson looks set to win the ballot in the race to fill Mrs May’s boots in Downing Street. Johnson says his first act as Prime Minister will be to press forward on Brexit. The Conservative front-runner insists that he would ensure Brexit happens “come what may” by the autumn deadline and he’s vowed to take Britain out of the European Union (EU) by 31st October “do or die”.

But there’s no majority in the House of Commons for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. Nor is there a majority for any other option on the EU in this fractious parliament. The unofficial factions in the Commons that regularly defy the wishes of their own leaders on both sides of the House cannot agree on Brexit nor, indeed, anything else at the moment. This is what brought Theresa May down in the first place. What chance has Johnson of succeeding in pushing Brexit through when others have failed over the last two years?

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