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Final farewell to Ann Rogers

by New Worker correspondent

NEW Communist Party (NCP) leaders joined other communists, trade unionists and peace activists to pay their last respects to Ann Rogers at her funeral in Ruislip last week. NCP leader Andy Brooks, together with Party Chair Alex Kempshall, and Daphne Liddle, Pat Abrahams and Peter Hendy from the Central Committee, paid tribute to the memory of a leading member of the NCP who was National Organiser and Editor of the New Worker during the turbulent times of the 1980s and 1990s when the very existence of the Party was at stake.

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Campbell goes — Labour should say good riddance!

by New Worker correspondent

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL, the Blairite spin doctor during the Iraq war, has given up his attempt to remain in the Labour Party. The loathsome ‘director of communications’ during the Blair era was expelled from the Labour Party after publicly stating that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in May’s European parliamentary elections. He vowed to fight the decision on appeal. But he threw in the towel in a lengthy rant published in the New European, a Remainer weekly set up in 2016 in support of the European Union.

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On the Rails

by New Worker correspondent

LAST SATURDAY train drivers belonging to the RMT transport union working on East Midlands Trains took strike action against their grasping employer, Stagecoach. The union accused the bosses “of playing fast and loose with the normal talks process before they are dumped from the rail network in a row with the government over pension obligations”.

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General Election — One we can win!

PARLIAMENT has closed for the summer and the silly season has begun. Normally this is the time when the movers and shakers of the ruling class depart to their watering holes in the Caribbean, Lombardy or the south of France. But this is not a normal year, and many of the great and good are staying behind to prepare for what many believe is a snap election in the autumn.

The new Tory leader, Boris Johnson, is already on the campaign trail making all sorts of promises he can’t possibly keep and repeating one — that we will be out of the European Union (EU), one way or another, by the end of October — that he simply cannot ignore.

Johnson cannot seriously believe that Brussels is going to budge from the withdrawal agreement they thought they had made with Mrs May or that any majority can be found in this fractious parliament for the alternative ‘No-deal’ Brexit.

Although Brussels would undoubtedly grant Britain yet another extension that, in itself, can only be done at the request of a British Government. It’s hard to imagine Johnson getting that passed by his Cabinet which is now almost exclusively in the hands of Tory Eurosceptics. They want a ‘No-deal’ departure and they are well aware of Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party breathing down their necks. The other alternative is a snap general election that Johnson hopes will give the Tories a working majority in the House of Commons and a Brexit mandate that will enable them to continue the austerity regime in the name of free trade and open markets. Or so he thinks.

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