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Boris’ plan backfires

BORIS Johnson’s puerile plan to prorogue Parliament just days after MPs return to work backfired spectacularly this week. Branded as a “coup” the Remainers organised waves of protests throughout the country on the eve of the new parliamentary session whose first day ended disastrously for the new Tory leader. One Remainer Tory joined the Liberal Democrats while 21 others broke ranks in support of a Remainer motion designed to scupper Brexit.

Any hope of by-passing Parliament altogether over Europe until the Brexit deadline expires at the end of October died on Tuesday when rebel Tories closed ranks with the opposition to deliver a humiliating defeat on the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s government suffered a fatal defeat when Tory Europhile rebels joined Labour and the other opposition parties to block a “no-deal” Brexit in parliament this week.

Johnson says he will now call a snap election on 15th October. But that has to be okayed by a two-thirds majority in the House of Commons under our ludicrous fixed-term term parliament rules and Labour says it will not support any such move until the anti ‘no-deal’ Brexit legislation is officially passed.

Meanwhile Johnson is going to carry out his threat to expel the Tory rebels, which include grandees like Kenneth Clarke, Sir Nicholas Soames and former Chancellor Philip Hammond, from his ranks in a move that has plunged the main political platform of the bourgeoisie into an existential crisis not seen since the Tory split over the Corn Law in the 19th century.

The Government was defeated in the House of Commons in a vote that forces the Prime Minister to seek a three-month extension to Article 50 from the European Union and block a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on 31st October. Labour and the other opposition parties, backed by 21 Remainer Tory rebels, defeated the Johnson government by 328 votes to 301 on Tuesday evening. The ten northern Irish bigots in the Democratic Unionist Party loyally backed Johnson who was also supported by three Independent MPs and two die-hard Labour Brexiteers.

The Remainers now control the parliamentary agenda and they seem to now be able to dictate Labour’s strategy on Europe as well. Though their initial stance is simply to avoid a “no-deal” Brexit which they claim would cripple the food supply and lead to medical shortages and economic chaos their ultimate objective is to reverse the historic Leave vote in 2016 and keep the UK inside the European Union.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP who now heads the Brexit Party, said: “We are in for the fight of our lives. We may find ourselves in a few weeks, with no Brexit and with no chance in a general election to do anything about it, I fear that we are rapidly headed towards a very, very dark place”.

But Eddie Dempsey, a well-known left-wing London trade unionist, says that “bringing people together to call a general election” should be the left’s priority.

“An election now does not mean no-deal Brexit,” the pro-Brexit RMT activist said, warning that the motion passed in parliament this week was “complete capitulation to the EU”,