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US and Israeli planes on rampage

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

AMERICAN and Israeli warplanes went on the rampage last week following a wave of partisan attacks on US troops and their local lackeys across the Middle East that the imperialists say were directed by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Putting the boot in

by New Worker correspondent

ONE OF Britain’s oldest and most effective trade unions recently secured an important legal victory that could pave the way for workers they represent to secure huge pay rises. The ruling overturns an attempt by the bosses to impose caps on workers’ earnings.

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Bailing out the bosses

THE BUDGET took place on Wednesday, a most inconvenient time for the New Worker. As the days are long gone when it was customary for Chancellors to resign if so much as a paragraph appeared in the newspapers beforehand, however, we have a good idea of what it contains without recourse to a crystal ball.

Regardless of the details, it will be safe to assert that the Budget, despite the rhetoric, will be designed for the benefit of the capitalist class rather than the working class, even if a few crumbs are allowed to fall from the rich man’s table – but these crumbs are solely for the purpose of keeping the working class from grumbling too much.

The extension of the furlough scheme until September might be regarded as a good thing; but the fact that a Tory Chancellor thinks it will be needed is a sign that the economy will not be making the promised bounce-back any time soon, despite the Chancellor’s claims that the economy will be back to normal by the middle of next year. The Trades Union Congress has demanded that it be continued until the end of the year.

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