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Defending imperialism

SIR KEIR STARMER says “Labour’s foreign policy will always be rooted in our values”. He tells the Fabian Society’s New Year conference that “We’re proudly patriotic. And we’re proudly internationalist too. I believe that after a decade of global retreat Britain needs to be a far stronger and more confident voice on the international stage”. Brave words right out of the Blairite stable that includes the entire lexicon of imperialism’s ‘human rights’ gang as well as the ‘ethical foreign policy’ of former foreign minister Robin Cook. But what does all this guff actually mean?

Extraordinarily little, beyond following the twists and turns of the ruling circles in Britain and the USA that have launched a new ‘America’s Back’ propaganda drive to justify a new NATO offensive to restore imperialist hegemony throughout the Third World. Total support for Israel is matched by total support for Uyghur separatists in China and the rioting mobs in Hong Kong. Assange can rot in Belmarsh jail whilst an imperialist stooge such as Navalny is elevated to saint-like status.

After the Second World War a much-weakened Britain sheltered behind the American eagle in a “special relationship” that the ruling class believed would defend their global imperialist interests. At the same time, they tried to play off a renascent Europe against the USA. This trans-Atlantic bridge between Franco-German and US imperialism was the basis of post-war British foreign policy until the Blair era.

Now Starmer talks about Britain “once again being the bridge between the US and the rest of Europe”. But Tony Blair burnt that bridge when he broke with France and Germany to fully support the Americans in the first Gulf war.