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Vote Labour in May!

by New Worker correspondent

IT IS election time next month with polls postponed from last year finally taking place. The battle for control of the devolved assemblies in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh has begun along with local elections and a parliamentary by-election that will be held on the same day. This will be the first big test for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and a referendum of sorts on how the pandemic has been handled by the Johnson government.

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On the rails

by New Worker correspondent

LATE LAST month the three rail unions attacked Scotland’s rail franchise holder Abellio ScotRail for offering a miserable self-financing pay rise worth only of tens of pounds. They denounced the fact that “Abellio ScotRail has continually failed to engage in any productive way with the trade unions”. They also took aim at the Scottish Government whom Abellio claimed gave them instructions not to award any pay rise to rail workers.

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Biden renews struggle for US dominance

JOE BIDEN called on American workers to back him in his successful fight to topple Donald Trump. The march of the most reactionary and racist elements of the US ruling class and the degenerates they mobilised to build the Trump movement has been stopped – at least for the time being – by the mass movement that grew from the Black Lives Matter movements and the rage on the street at the Trump government’s indifferent response to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping through the USA.

Now in the White House, Biden has begun to tackle the coronavirus plague that was criminally ignored by the Trump administration and is launching a massive two-trillion-dollar plan, the biggest since the New Deal, to create new jobs and provide living wages to workers in marginalised communities.

In the global arena however, Biden clearly wants to continue where his predecessor, Barack Obama, left off – to restore US hegemony throughout the capitalist world and lead a global imperialist front to confront Russia and People’s China.

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