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New Communist Party of Britain

Joint statement of Communist and Workers Parties in solidarity with the Turkish people

As the protests against the dictatorship of the AKP government enter their third week, police brutality in Istanbul has escalated. The government rejected all just demands of the people and has opened an untitled war against the resistance.

During the attacks that were carried out mainly in Taksim last week scores of people were injured and arrested, including people from all ages and professions. The Communist Party of Turkey has been at the forefront fighting against the police in solidarity with all resisting people.

During the clashes, many Party members were injured as well. Taksim Solidarity, the group that was founded to stop the Taksim project prepared by the government and has become the speaker of the resistance in Taksim, declared 13th June the international day of solidarity with the resisting people in Turkey.

The communist and workers’ parties condemn the state terror carried out against the resisting people in Turkey. Here, we declare that we are in full solidarity with all forces in Turkey, including the Communist Party of Turkey. Everywhere is Taksim, resistance everywhere!

The parties: