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New Communist Party of Britain

Joint Statements

2nd April 2020Call for cooperation against Covid-19

2nd August 2018Solidarity with the Palestinian people

4th June 2018Common appeal: regarding the elections in Turkey

16th May 2018Condemning the murderous attack of the Israeli army against the people of Palestine

15th May 2018We denounce the new attacks against the Communist Party of Ukraine

17th April 2018Communists condemn the bombing of Syria

12th April 2018On the escalation of the imperialist aggressiveness in Syria

18th December 2017Common Appeal of Communist and Workers’ Parties in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the unacceptable position of D.Trump

29th November 2017Solidarity with the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans and the Middle East

29th November 2017Turkey must withdraw its troops from Syria!

22nd November 2017Solidarity with Polish communists

16th November 2017Solidarity with the People of Cyprus

2nd November 2017Solidarity with Catalonia

10th October 2017The Lessons and Tasks for the Contemporary Communists

14th September 2015Solidarity with the Communists of Greece

17th July 2015Joint Statement in Solidarity with KKE

11th March 2014 The reactionary developments in Ukraine

18th June 2013 In solidarity with the Turkish people

29th April 2012We demonstrate against capitalist exploitation and imperialist wars.

6th January 2012Kim Jong Il 1942—2011

29th November 2011Solidarity with people of Greece

10th October 2011 Anti-communism won't pass!

16th April 2011Brussels Conference: Support for the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia

16th April 2011Brussels conference: Resolution on Belarus

12th April 2011 Saluting the struggles of the class-oriented movement taking place in many European countries. Denouncing the imperialist aggression against Libya.

28th March 2011 Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

26th March 2011 Condemn the Armed Intervention in Libya.

21st March 2011 Against imperialist aggression in Libya. Against imperialist aggression in Libya!

21st January 2011Twenty years after the Gulf War

28th December 2010Anti-communism in Europe will not succeed

14th December 2010Resolution on the Cyprus Problem!

8th May 2010Let us commemorate 65th Anniversary of the Victory!

13th April 2010For Peace! No to Nato!

26th February 2010EU summit

5th February 20104th European Communist Meeting on Education

22nd September 2009Calling for rejection of the Lisbon Treaty in the Irish Referendum

25th July 2009Letter on the Korean War

13th July 2009Condemning the anticommunist resolution of OSCE.

16th June 2009Letter to Kim Jong Il

21st April 2009The Launch of an Experimental Communications Satellite by the DPRK is its Sovereign Right

9th April 200960th anniversary of Nato

19th March 2009Joint Statement of communist and workers parties in Europe

6th March 2009Solidarity with Sean Garland

3rd March 2009Joint Statement on Palestine

9th January 2009Solidarity with the Palestinian people

16th December 2008Joint Statement on the EU Working Time Directive

25th July 2008The British Government Must End All Interference in Zimbabwe

13th May 2008Parties from EU countries about the 5th EU-LAC summit

9th April 2008Solidarity with the communists, progressive forces and the working class of Egypt

21st March 2008In Solidarity With The Palestinian People of Gaza And The West Bank

25th February 2008Self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo

12th December 2007Appeal for Solidarity With The People, The Government, The Communist And Progressive Forces of Bolivia

31st October 2007Stop the judicial and political witch-hunt against Hungarian communists!

24th July 2007Let the people decide! We say NO to the new EU Treaty.

7th June 2007Stop the deployment of new US bases in Poland and the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria

9th May 2007Stop the escalation of the anti-communist and anti-democratic attacks in Europe

9th May 2007Solidarity with the communists and the working class in Turkey

2nd April 20007No to the New Anti-Cuba Manoeuvres of the EU

20th July 2006Solidarity with Palestinian and Lebanese people

24th March 2006On the occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of the War against Iraq (Update)

16th March 2006On the occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of the War against Iraq

26th January 2003Stop the aggressive war on Iraq!