Gold hammer and sickle

New Communist Party of Britain

Joint Statement on the EU Working Time Directive

The undersigned Communist and Workers’ Parties welcome the mobilizations of the workers and the youth across Europe against the EU Working Time Directive and the respective report (Cercas Report) that are discussed in the European Parliament. This directive does not only aims to annihilate elementary workers’ rights but also pursues to deliver a blow to the organized class-based trade union movement.

We extend our solidarity and support to the struggles of the class-based trade unions that oppose the extension of the working hours up to 65 per week, vehemently reject the distinction of the working time in “active” and “inactive” as well as the further flexibilization of the industrial relations.

The Parties

  1. Workers’ Party of Belgium
  2. Communist Party of Britain
  3. New Communist Party of Britain
  4. Communist Party in Denmark
  5. Communist Party of finland
  6. Communist Party of Greece
  7. Communist Party of Ireland
  8. Socialist Party of Latvia
  9. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  10. Communist Party of Poland
  11. Portuguese Communist Party
  12. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  13. Communist Party of Spain
  14. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
  15. Communist Party of Sweden

16th December 2008