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by our Arab Affairs correspondent

THE ITALIAN government called for an immediate halt to the bombing of Libya this week in a surprise move that could lead to an end to the imperialist offensive against the defiant Arab country.

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Unison’s call to arms

DAVE PRENTIS, general secretary of the public sector union Unison, opened the union’s annual conference in Manchester this week with a powerful “call to arms” in the fight to defend public sector pensions.

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Brian Haw 1949-2011

BRIAN HAW, whose lone vigil in Parliament Square made him an icon amongst the peace movement in Britain and across the world, died last weekend.

Brian Haw was an little-known evangelical Christian, motivated by the pacifist teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that are often ignored by many of those who profess to believe in him, who travelled to northern Ireland and Cambodia to preach “love, peace and justice for all” in the 70s and 80s. But he hit the headlines with his one-man protest against the imperialist aggression against Iraq.

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All out on 30th June!

HUNDREDS of thousands of teachers and public servants are preparing to take action in the biggest protest so far against the Government’s cuts. And on the day they will be joined by London Tube workers striking in defence of a victimised driver — and many others who will refuse to cross picket lines.

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