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Defeat the Con-Dem government

by Daphne Liddle

THE civil service and teachers strike on 30th June represents the first skirmish in a long war of attrition between the unions — representing the working class — and the Con-Dem Coalition — representing the ruling class, especially the big bankers.

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Greek anger at new cuts

by our European Affairs correspondent

DEMONSTRATORS clashed with the police in the heart of Athens during a wave of protests against new austerity measures, which the government claim they must take to secure international loans to stave off the threat of bankruptcy. Black-hooded anarchists tossed petrol bombs and rocks at security forces after the riot police opened up with tear-gas and stun-grenades to break up the crowds.

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Miliband is failing the workers

LEFT-WING Labour members who allowed themselves to hope that party leader Ed Miliband might be a genuine improvement on the “New Labour” leaderships of Blair and Brown are feeling bitterly disappointed after hearing his proposals for modernising Labour. Most important was his call to the unions to drop plans to strike over public sector pensions this Thursday. Miliband claims the public sector unions need to do more work on winning public support for their fight to defend their pensions.

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