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by Daphne Liddle

THE FIGHT to save the NHS is intensifying as the Health and Social Care Bill moved back into the House of Commons this week. At the same time veteran Liberal Democrat Baroness Shirley Williams resurrected all her party’s misgivings about the Bill by revealing leaked e-mails concerning negotiations between the Government and German private health companies about giving them contracts to manage 20 NHS hospitals.

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Libya: the carve-up begins

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

IMPERIALIST leaders have begun the carve up of Libya. Some 31 government leaders, 11 foreign ministers, Libyan rebel leaders and the heads of the United Nations, Nato and the Arab League gathered at the Elysée Palace took part in the summit in Paris last week.

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TUC 2011 — The holiday is over!

AUTUMN has arrived ahead of schedule and with it the impending TUC and Labour Party conferences. And although the rank and file soldiers of the Labour movement have remained busy throughout the summer marching in Tolpuddle, Durham and Burston and campaigning locally against the Con-Dem cuts and in defence of the NHS, there has definitely been a serious lull in trade union leadership activity.

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