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by Caroline Colebrook

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron last Tuesday declared he would use his power to veto any new European Union treaty that did not safeguard the British interests. He meant the interests of British capitalism and in particular the disproportionate global financial powers of the City of London, which date back to the heyday of the trade in slaves, sugar, cotton and tobacco between the 16th and 18th centuries.

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Anger on the streets of Russia

by our European Affairs correspondent

THOUSANDS of riot police have been rushed to Moscow and St Petersburg to quell the anger on the streets following last Sunday’s disputed parliamentary elections, which many claim were rigged by the government. Though the front of Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin was once again returned to office his United Russia party had its overall majority cut to 13 seats in the State Duma, the Russian parliament.

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Build on strike success

TUC GENERAL Secretary Brendan Barber called it “a terrific success”. Prime Minister David Cameron says it was a “damp squib”. But the public sector strike that shut down over two-thirds of all schools and paralysed local government throughout Britain was anything but the futile exercise Cameron would have his followers believe.

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