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Cameron’s veto stirs it up

by Daphne Liddle

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron certainly put the cat among the pigeons last week when he used his veto at the European Union emergency summit because the plan to save the euro hatched between Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel could not give London’s City bankers the exemption from regulation that Cameron wanted.

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Obama begs for spy-plane back

by our Middle East Affairs correspondent

IRAN HAS dismissed with contempt American appeals for the return of their unmanned spycraft brought down over Iran on 4th December. The US RQ-170 Sentinel drone launched from a US air-base in Afghanistan was forced to land, by an Iranian cyber-attack, some 250 km inside Iranian territory. The Iranian cyber-warfare unit took control of the drone, overriding its drone’s self-destruct mechanism, and brought it to a soft-landing to enable their own experts to probe its secrets.

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Naughty or criminal

Children’s services are facing draconian cuts and youth projects and clubs are being closed — the very things that would help them to develop adult judgement and wisdom. Higher and further education are being priced beyond their reach and the media are telling them they are the criminals — a prophesy that is likely to become self-fulfilling.

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