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Russian move for Syrian peace

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIAN Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has arrived in Syria for urgent talks, following the decisive Russian and Chinese veto at the United Nations that blocked renewed imperialist moves to use the UN as a rubber stamp for regime change in the Middle East. Meanwhile Anglo-American imperialism, along with some of its Nato allies and their reactionary Arab minions, have recalled their ambassadors and closed their embassies in Damascus.

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Health Bill seriously unwell

by Daphne Liddle

ANDREW LANSLEY’S flagship Health and Social Care Bill, which would turn the NHS into a privately run, two-tier service, is back in Parliament and about to be debated by the House of Lords.

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Imperialists thwarted

RUSSIA and People’s China stopped the imperialists in their tracks at the United Nations last week with a veto over Syria that enraged Anglo-American imperialism and the rest of the Nato pack. For the second time in six months Russia and China blocked imperialist attempts to bulldoze a resolution through the UN Security Council that would have sanctioned regime change à la Libya against Syria.

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