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Ukraine: Which side are you on?

by Daphne Liddle

LEFT Social Democrats have some strange habits. They can recognise the evils of United States and British imperialism, deplore the atrocities they carry out, acknowledge that the venal interests of giant capitalist interests are behind their warmongering — and yet still see the governments of the targeted nations as the greater transgressors.

When the US and Britain first wage war against Iraq to gain control of its oil supplies, many left social democrats initially supported the attack because of the western media monsterisation of Saddam Hussein. And likewise with Libya and Gaddafi.

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‘Brutal and bullying’ culture in job centres

AN ANONYMOUS whistleblower, formerly employed for more than 20 years by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), spoke to Work and Pensions Secretary Ian Duncan Smith, along with Tory MP Esther McVey and Labour MP Debbie Abrahams, the member of the DWP Select Committee who set up the meeting. Neil Couling, Head of Jobcentre Plus, was also present.

“The pressure to sanction customers was constant,” he said. “It led to people being stitched-up on a daily basis.” “We were constantly told ‘agitate the customer’ and that ‘any engagement with the customer is an opportunity to sanction’,” he told them.

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The British Imperialist Broadcasting Company

IT IS NEARLY 90 years since the inception of the BBC with its motto: “Nation shall speak peace unto nation”. That is now a long-forgotten aspiration as the BBC has, over the years, become more and more solidly identified as the mouthpiece and apologist for Anglo-American imperialism.

And its foreign news services have always been the worst in this respect. The decline began early in its history with a total failure to report a famine in Bengal just after the Second World War that resulted in around 10 million deaths and was the result of a deliberate British imperialist policy of deprivation. It has also consistently turned a blind eye to Zionist atrocities against Palestinians while portraying Palestinians as natural-born terrorists. This goes on even after other parts of the western media have shifted to recognise that the Palestinians are human and are being oppressed.

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