18th December 2015Sanctions cause homelessness. Fascism in Ukraine. The 18th Congress of the New Communist Party of Britain. God rest ye merry gentlemen...

11th December 2015Russian missiles rain down on IS. Labour’s broad army. Government trying to hide scale of NHS winter crisis. Our future is socialism!

4th December 2015Spawn of Blair betray Corbyn. Junior doctors force Hunt retreat. Vietnam solidarity activist Len Aldis dies. Cameron’s War.

27th November 2015Turkey plays with fire. Striking doctors defy dirty tricks. Osborne’s road to Damascus moment.

20th November 2015Corbyn stands firm for no new war. Russian bombers pound ISIS. They call it terrorism when it hits them.

13th November 2015Tory divisions growing. Students demand free education. Cameron does the splits over Europe.

6th November 2015Another Tory U-Turn. Families demand no more deaths in custody. Don’t bomb Syria.

30th October 2015Tories forced to think again. Terrorists reeling under Russian onslaught in Syria. In solidarity with anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine. The benefits of an effective opposition.

23rd October 2015Tax credit cuts divide Tories. Junior doctors march against pay cuts and longer hours. Pay-back time in Syria.

16th October 2015McDonnell rejects Tory shackles. Secret state rules. Western media coverage of Ukraine crisis denounced in London. Syrian troops push forward.

9th October 2015The even nastier party. Russian wings over Syria. Game changer in Syria.

2nd October 2015A new kinder politics. Redcar steel plant to close with 1,700 job cuts. Taking Labour to the left.

25th September 2015Labour — say no to Trident! March against evictions marks Focus E15 second anniversary. A pig in a poke.

18th September 2015Corbyn: a breath of fresh air at TUC. Solidarity with refugees. The Corbyn effect.

11th September 2015Cameron’s crocodile tears. Human rights groups raise alarm over TU Bill. An old tune from the BBC.

4th September 2015Austerity regime kills. Osborne opts for Trident renewal. For a democratic Labour Party.

28th August 2015War averted in Korea. Tube dispute: unions advance but no agreement yet. Death amongst the ruins.

21st August 2015Crunch time for Labour Vote for Corbyn. New Russian drive for Mid-East peace. A state of change.

14th August 2015Rise in jobless. Polish workers in Britain may strike. No to threat of nuclear war.

7th August 2015Cameron’s Calais disaster. Tube strike: it’s about jobs and safety, not money. Scottish Labour Leadership elections. Red Star in Clerkenwell Green. Immigration crisis: Britain and France guilty. Immigration crisis: Britain and France guilty.

31st July 2015Corbyn lead shakes ruling class. First they came for the communists... Terrorism knows no borders.

10th July 2015Will Syriza betray Greek poll result? Paddington rally for two major rail strikes. Unions move behind Corbyn.

3rd July 2015Greece: Syriza’s phoney referendum. Wheelchair warriors invade Parliament. Terror in Tunisia.

26th June 2015Greece needs break with EU. No more cuts! The Spark.

19th June 2015Britain’s dark history of collusion. Voices of Novorossiya heard in London. Jeremy Corbyn for leader.

12th June 2015Labour left rallies to Corbyn. AKEL: Strength comes from struggle: Hope comes from the Left.

5th June 2015Bonanza for landlords. Austerity marches multiply. Shooting the watchdogs.

29th May 2015Cameron climb-Down on Human Rights Act. Criminal justice system still failing on disability hate crime. Careful what you wish for.

22nd May 2015The battle for Labour’s soul. ITV workers on strike. Mutiny in the ranks.

15th May 2015Labour needs left policies. The struggle continues. Thank you for the victory!

8th May 2015Arab-African solidarity. May Day in London. May Day in Glasgow. Celebrating victory over Nazism.

1st May 2015Baltimore burning. Anger rises as Brixton people fight for their homes. Communists and the General Election.

24th April 2015Homes for people not for profit! Massacre in the Mediterranean. Fair pay for fast food workers.

17th April 2015Stop Trident renewal SAVE £100 BILLION. Steel unions ballot for strike. Reform or revolution?

10th April 2015Doctors attack Tory NHS. No choice but Labour. Penzance strikers demand reinstatement.

3rd April 2015Fat cats back Tories. No privatisation at the National Gallery! A woman’s work.

27th March 2015Our class needs unity. Scottish News. Fight for wages; fight for socialism.

20th March 2015Tories dash to sell off NHS. Aylesbury occupiers seize 12-storey block.Budget triumphalism is fooling few.

13th March 2015Labour must listen to the workers. Million Women Rise march. Creeping fascism.

6th March 2015Stop the cruel sanctions. Economical with the truth. Russian reactionary killed in Moscow.

27th February 2015Cameron sends troops to Ukraine. UAF conference Standing up to fascism and racism. Capitalist ethics.

20th February 2015Ukraine: Debaltsevo troops surrender. KKE standing strong. Inquiry into benefit cut deaths dropped.

13th February 2015The ties that bind capitalism. Battles rage as peace talks begin. The front line against imperialism.

6th February 2015US backs Kiev Nazis. Londoners demand homes. Nothing to lose but our chains.

30th January 2015Ukraine: anti fascists sweep forward. NHS staff win new pay offer. Syriza — the grand illusion.

23rd January 2015Ukrainian fascists beaten back. 40 per cent of families struggling. The limits of free speech.

16th January 2015Cameron out! The two-faced sponsors of terrorism. Paris pays the price of French politics. Eric Trevett remembered.

9th January 2015The Tories are killing the NHS. Set the Truth Free in London Christmas protest. Happy New Year.

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