Million Women Rise march

by New Worker correspondent

AN ESTIMATED 3,000 women took part in the Million Women Rise march in London’s West End last Saturday to mark International Women’s Day and to campaign against continuing violence against women.

It was a truly international march strongly supported by women from Africa, southern Asia and the Middle East, many wearing colourful traditional dress.

A group of women from the Democratic Republic of the Congo held a banner proclaiming: “blood in your phone”, referring to British multinational corporations that exploit minerals such as Coltan — used to manufacture microchips for phones and computers — profiting from forced labour and war in the region.

There were many placards and banners in support of the young Kurdish women who are playing a big role as frontline YPJ forces in the fight against Isis terrorists trying to seize the city of Kobane.

There were placards showing the effects of horrendous acid attacks carried out on women in Iran who refuse to conform to dress and behaviour codes imposed by the regime.

A contingent of Turkish and Kurdish women from Day-Mer Women’s Organisation carried a banner declaring “Let’s unite against austerity, war and violence and fight for our labour and social rights”.