The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 30th June 2017

Lead story

May in full retreat

by Daphne Liddle

THERESA May on Wednesday signalled that the one per cent cap on public service was “under review” and could be dropped in the coming autumn budget.

This is a new concession, prompted by Jeremy Corbyn’s tabling of an amendment on Wednesday evening to last week’s Queen’s Speech to scrap the pay cap and Theresa May’s fears that some of her MPs will support Corbyn’s amendment.

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Russia warns America over Syria

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

RUSSIA has warned the Americans not to act unilaterally in Syria following Trump administration threats to make Syria “pay a heavy price” for what US imperialism claims is “another” planned poison gas attack on the imperialist-backed rebels by the Syrian army.

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Grenfell victims demand justice!

THE GREAT Fire of London in 1666 led to the Rebuilding of London Act 1666, which introduced the first fire safety building regulations for our capital. The Act banned combustible materials from being used in the construction of all buildings, “whether great or small”, as a new London was built using stone and brick.

That Act has defended Londoners well, even through the Blitz, but it started to fail when the implementation and interpretation of these regulations was outsourced to the building industry itself and the introduction of new composite building materials.

Rigorous inspections once carried out regularly by fire safety officers from the fire brigade were replaced by construction entrepreneurs and technical experts sitting round a desk assessing whether they thought a new material was likely to be combustible

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