The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 8th September 2017

DPR Korea’s H-Bomb success

by our Asia Affairs correspondent

ANGLO-AMERICAN imperialism and its lackeys at the United Nations (UN) are pushing for more sanctions against Democratic Korea (DPRK) following the DPRK’s successful H-bomb test last weekend.

The DPRK’s H-Bomb test, which rapidly followed the successful test of a new ballistic missile that could reach the American mainland, is a response to US imperialism’s blockade, military exercises, nuclear threats and diplomatic blackmail that began almost immediately after the guns fell silent at the end of the Korean War in 1953.

Unlike the Americans and Russians, Democratic Korea has pledged never to be the first to use nuclear weapons. They rightly believe that their nuclear deterrent is the only thing that staves off renewed American aggression against the people’s government that fought the imperialists to a standstill during the Korean war. Now the Americans want to tighten the screw against Democratic Korea and those who trade with the DPRK, including Russia and People’s China, whilst refusing to rule out a ‘pre-emptive’ strike that would inevitably lead to a devastating conflict, which would not be confined to the Korean peninsula.

But Russia and People’s China, who have so far gone along with the American demands, are now openly voicing concern at the American escalation that has raised tension on the Korean peninsula to levels not seen since the end of the Cold War.

Russia and China are calling on the Americans to end their military exercises in south Korea and pull their missiles out in exchange for a halt to missile and nuclear weapons testing in the north. But this ‘double freeze’ proposal has been repeatedly rejected by the Americans.

Speaking after the BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] Summit in China’s southern city of Xiamen on Tuesday, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, said the issue could only be solved through peaceful means: “There is no other way apart from a peaceful and a diplomatic one to resolve the north Korean nuclear problem.” President Putin also said that the sanctions were a useless and futile exercise. “The use of all types of sanctions in this particular case is useless and inefficient,” he said. “As I’ve told one of my colleagues yesterday — they will rather eat grass than abandon this programme if they do not feel safe.”

The Russians want the UN Secretary-General to act as a mediator and think that further sanctions are pointless. UN Secretary-General António Guterres says he’s willing to help. Whether the imperialists will allow him to do so is another matter. In March the DPRK demanded an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the issue of the US—south Korea joint military exercises. The Americans made sure this was rejected.

Meanwhile, at a Conference on Disarmament in Geneva on Tuesday, the DPRK’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva called Sunday’s nuclear test a “gift package” for the United States and warned that there would be more to come.

“I am proud of saying that just two days ago on the 3rd September, the DPRK successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test for an intercontinental ballistic rocket under its plan for building a strategic nuclear force,” Han Tae Song said. “The recent self-defence measures by my country, the DPRK, are a gift package addressed to none other than the US,” Han said. “The US will receive more gift packages from my country as long as it relies on reckless provocations and futile attempts to put pressure on the DPRK.”

At the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok this week President Vladimir Putin held talks with the south Koreans and repeated the call for a ‘double freeze’ on the Korean peninsula.

But whatever happens, Democratic Korea will never put its nuclear deterrent on the negotiating table nor will it take even an inch backward from the path of bolstering its nuclear force as long as the US imperialism hostile policy and nuclear threats continue.