The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 20th October 2017

Syrian Arab Army continues advance!

by our Arab Affairs correspondent

The Syrian Arab Army backed by the Russian air-force is continuing to advance along the Euphrates river whilst the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a largely Kurdish militia supported by the Americans, is mopping up the last pockets of resistance in the ISIS ‘capital’ of Raqqa in northern Syria. But General Issam Zahreddine was killed in action on Wednesday. The Syrian general was on a special operation at Saqr Island in Deir Ezzor on the Euphrates when his vehicle struck a land mine planted by ISIS.

Less than eight per cent of Syria’s territory now remains under the thumb of the sectarian terror gang that was covertly supported by US imperialism and the feudal Arab oil princes in their bid to overthrow the popular front government of Bashar al Assad.

Russian and Israeli defence ministers held high-level talks in Tel Aviv this week but an Israeli show of force over the skies of Syria may have back-fired amidst reports that one of their Stealth fighters was hit by a Syrian missile. But Iraqi Kurdish dreams of a ‘greater’ Kurdistan were dashed when Iraqi troops and police peacefully took back the contested city of Kirkuk as well as nearby oil and military installations that had been held by the Kurdish militias for the last three years.

Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu landed in Israel on Monday for talks with Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The sides were reportedly set to discuss the situation in the region, including Syria and Iran, the fight against terrorism, and military and technical cooperation. At the same time, the Israeli air-force launched a provocative Stealth fighter attack against a Syrian anti-aircraft battery near the border with Lebanon.

Many suspect that this was simply a stunt designed to impress the Russians with the strength of the Israeli air-force, If so, the Zionists may have come unstuck because the Syrians say they scored a direct hit on one of the jets, forcing the raiders to call off their attack.

The Israelis claim that all their war-planes returned unscathed. Curiously enough, however, a few hours later their media reported that one of their F-35 Stealth fighters had been damaged by “two storks” during a training flight but will return to service within a few days. The “bird collision” incident allegedly took place “two weeks ago” but was publicly reported only on the same day as the abortive air-raid. Needless to say, the Israeli air-force has not issued an image of the F-35 war-plane after the “bird collision”.

Israel has agreed to buy 50 F-35 Stealth fighters from the United States and seven have already been delivered. The Stealth fighter is the world’s most expensive war-plane and Israel is paying $100 million for each jet.

Russia, meanwhile, continues to help the Syrian people’s return to normalcy after a several-year-long terrorist siege. The Russian defence ministry’s centre for Syrian reconciliation has recently delivered two tons of humanitarian aid to Khan Arnabeh in the province of Quneitra. The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian Air Force, liberated the town from terrorists several weeks ago.

The reconciliation centre chose Khan Arnabeh for the delivery of the aid in the province after analysis of the humanitarian situation in the region, the centre’s representative Rear Admiral Alexander Zhuchkov told reporters.

“In each province, there are centre of national reconciliation and representatives of the administration with whom we work. It was previously determined that this are is in need the most, as it has been liberated recently,” he said.

The centre’s servicemen have also deployed a mobile medical aid post to the town, which has been visited by more than a hundred residents.