The Weekly paper of the New Communist Party of Britain
Week commencing 17th November 2017

Lead story

Mugabe overthrown

by our African Affairs correspondent

ROBERT MUGABE, the liberation leader who has ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years, has been overthrown in a palace coup led by senior officers in the Zimbabwean Defence Forces. The army has moved armour into the capital, Harare, and taken over the national broadcasting centre and a number of ministry buildings. The former president is under house arrest whilst Grace, his wife and assumed heir, is believed to be abroad in Namibia. Meanwhile soldiers are rounding up prominent Mugabe supporters that they’ve branded “criminals in government who are bent on destabilising the country.”

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Unite warns of Christmas ‘bread drought’

SUPERMARKET customers in England’s North West and Midlands could face a pre-Christmas ‘bread drought’ if drivers at the Kingsmill bakery in West Bromwich, who deliver 1.5 million loaves each week, go on strike in a pay dispute.

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Communists celebrate 1917 in the homeland of the revolution

COMMUNISTS and progressive forces marked the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution with two major conferences and a series of events in Russia that paid tribute to the 10 days that shook the world in 1917.

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Fascists on the march in Poland

TENS OF THOUSANDS of Polish neo-Nazis marched through Warsaw to call for a “White Europe”, “Christian values” and a “Pure Poland” on a demonstration held to mark Poland’s national independence day last weekend. Some 60,000 hate-filled demonstrators, including well-known foreign racists such as former English Defence League (EDL) leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who calls himself “Tommy Robinson”, chanted the usual anti-Semitic and anti-communist slogans when they clashed with anti-fascists on the street of the Polish capital on Saturday.

Though the protest was supported by the usual bunch of skinheads, football hooligans and neo-Nazi thugs, it also attracted considerable numbers from Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party.

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